He’s Everywhere! He’s everywhere!

When I was a child, I used to watch a Ray Stevens tape.   He’s a singer/comedian, if you don’t know.  One of his songs was “Santa Claus Is Watching You.”  At least I think that’s what it’s called.

In the video, there was a little elf and a Santa Claus.  The words that I can remember are, “Cuz Santa Claus is watching you.  (He’s everywhere!  He’s everywhere!).”  The little elf would say the “He’s everywhere!” part. 

Oh..here are a few others, “You can’t do nothin’ cuz you’re never alone.  You even got a wire tap on your phone.”

Bear with me.  There is a point to this.

The point is that I’m feeling very scrutinized right now.  I feel like people are watching me.  They’re everywhere!  They’re everywhere! 

Warning: Vulnerability Moment. 

*clears throat*

I’m feeling watched.  I’m feeling judged.  I’m feeling criticized. 

It seems that every person’s dream at one point was to be famous.  To be in the limelight and to be known and noticed.

However, being around the music business (living near Nashville) and even knowing a few artists on a quasi-personal level…I’ve realized that I actually don’t want to be famous.  It’s not fun to watch as other people discuss your character without your input.

Famous people are uberly scrutinized these days.  Some folks could tell you the day-to-day events of Britney Spears with extreme factual precision. 

Recent events in my life have really caused me to take a break and step back.  I think it’s so easy for people to discuss/dissect the lives of famous people because there’s this separation.  The famous people aren’t actually relateable, so it’s easy to talk about them like they are emotionless beings.  Truth is…they aren’t.  I’m sure Britney or Owen Wilson (insert whatever other star you like/don’t like) have seen a tabloid featuring their face at some point.

But when the writers of those “scoop” words write that stuff, they don’t have their subjects in mind.

It’s so crazy that news and gossip and posted words can dehumanize a person…thus making them into an object.

A subjective opinion about an object is formed.

Don’t you think that it should be different?  That there should be compassionate concerns for people, not subjective opinions on objects?

I do.


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