In Dependence Day

2 Corinthians 5:17
Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!

As the 4th of July draws near and thousands of Americans venture out to buy fireworks to shoot into the sky, independence is on my mind.

However, it’s not the kind of independence that the July holiday celebrates. Instead, I’ve been meditating on our days of dependence in Christ.

Recently, I’ve come to notice that many Christians are ashamed to be totally dependent on Christ. It’s interesting how ridiculously hard it is for people to come to the end of themselves. To get to that point of the utter famine of self-reliant resources. When they can no longer pretend they are ok in their own strength.

Why is it so hard for Christians to get to rock bottom?

I think it’s because people are born independent of God. Until the point of conversion to Christianity, a person has spent their entire life learning how to live for themselves.

When Jesus comes along He offers salvation through Himself, counsel through the Holy Spirit and a dependable, capable, loving Father.

Unfortunately, many Christians don’t make it past the point of believing in God. They stumble at even really trusting God. And if they don’t trust God, then can’t don’t depend on Him for everything.

I was just reading in 2 Kings today about the Israelites. They knew God and worshiped God. However, they also worshiped idols and served other gods at the same time. They were the poster children (of God) for a lack of dependence. Instead of proceeding swiftly to their Promised Land, they paused and tarried for 40 years in the wilderness in defiant independence.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to spend 40 years of my life wandering. Nah, I’d rather get this dependence in Christ thing down now and be productive and fruitful.

In an attempt to tersify the point I’m making, too many Christians still live independent of God even though they are in a relationship with Him. It’s kind of like they turn to God and say, “I love You, kinda.”

Let me assure that it’s not a shame to be dependent on Christ. In truth, it is totally ok and biblical to rest and depend in Christ. I challenge you to the title of this blog: be dependent in Christ every day.

If Christians get to the point of depending on God, many do not make it past a few moments of dependence. And maybe minutes, hours or a few days of dependence. Sadly, however, after they make it through their current struggle/trouble/problem, they stop totally depending on God and go back to a life of self-dependence. Then, after the next problem causes their life to go into a downward spiral, they return back to God for more moments of dependence. It’s a cycle. And a non-biblical cycle, by the way.

“Wait,” you say to yourself, wondering. “You mean depending on God for a little while and then trying to do things on my own when I feel better isn’t ok?” Correct, thinking reader. Correct.

Jesus said in John 15:5, “apart from me you can do nothing.” It doesn’t say, “Sometimes when you’re feeling extra super strong, you can do things.” It doesn’t say, “After you’ve depended on Me and rested with Me awhile you will have enough knowledge to be a success on your own.” No. It says we can do nothing apart from Him. So that means that we have to do all things with Him and in dependence on Him. And it also shows me that we can be desperate for God every day.

I think of it like this: It’s either nothingness without dependence in Christ or it’s fullness and abundance with dependence in Christ. I don’t want to have nothingness any day so I am desperate for God everyday. I am in dependence of God every day and I challenge you to do the same thing.

Make every day an in dependence day.


6 thoughts on “In Dependence Day”

  1. ha…that’s clever.

    Everyone wants freedom, but problems happen when we run from the Source of that freedom. We’re free -from- slavery to sin, and free -to- love Christ with all our mind, soul, strength.

    1 Cor 10:6-13

  2. Great post. I was that independent Christian for a long time, thinking I was doing just fine taking care of things myself. Didn’t want to “bother” God with stuff. Most of my prayers were just me talking TO him, instead of LISTENING to him. It was only through being “broken” that I finally learned the reality that I really can do NOTHING apart from him!


  3. That’s some good stuff Lindsay.

    This was actually something I was thinking about yesterday. How in this season, God has made is so that I have to be utterly and completely dependent on Him. Without a doubt. It’s like, I’m walking through this obstacle course shady passage, and God’s like, if you wanna make it through and get to where I’m leading you, you have to follow me totally. You have to let me lead. You cant keep trying to go your own way because you’re not going to get there like that. You have to trust me and stick close to me.

    I remember when I was taking a class in Deuteronomy where my prof gave one of the things God wanted the Israelites to learn while traveling through the desert on their journey to the promised land was to be totally depended on Him. They had to depend on Him for their food, their shelter, their guidance, everything. Which is usually what the desert experience is for, to teach us that vital lesson of dependence so that we learn trust. God will keep bring you back into the desert into you learn it.

    Now the question for me is, am I totally being dependent on Him, and I will have to say, not consistently. Which is something that I’m consciously changing.

    Again..good stuff yo! 🙂

  4. ugh…lots of typing errors. *laughs* “depended” should be “dependent” and “bring” is supposed to be “bringing” and “into” is supposed to be “until”. Sorry for that. ha!

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