Letters About Lindsay

Howdy! I’m a writer. So I write. And here is the site where I write what I write.

Wherever light is, darkness flees. This space of web is my attempt to shine light into darkness. These blogs are prone to be quite personal, but I believe my vulnerability can serve as a great conduit for the love and redemption of Christ to move in the world. Leave a comment if you wish. Thanks for visiting.




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3 thoughts on “Letters About Lindsay”

  1. Hey Lindsay,

    I did a google search for “Murfreesboro Writers Group” and came up with your blog. I was extremely encouraged by your website, because I think you and I may be going through much of the same trials.

    I’m very interested in attending MWG and hope to be at the 12/16 meeting coming up. I’m also unemployed right now. I’m 23, graduated in December 2008, and have been struggling to find a job for a while now. I’m also a believer in Christ and am looking to grow even more in my relationship with Him.

    I live in M’boro (grew up here, moved away for college, got married, moved back) and I don’t know if you’d be interested, but I’d love to talk more with you and get to know you a bit better…maybe via e-mail?

  2. Hi Lindsay, I am currently working with Christian Pop/Rock artist, John DeGrazio, who has just released his third album, Stronghold, and I would love to send you a copy to check out for your site.

    John is an accomplished singer/composer/producer and a two-time ASCAP Award winner. He has a number one hit song to his credit, has worked with many major label artists, played in the Dove Award winning group Burlap to Cashmere, and toured with Jars of Clay, DC Talk, and Jaci Velasquez.

    For more info on John DeGrazio, check out the following sites:

    Please email me and I’ll send you a copy!


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