Writing Samples

Corporate Journalism

Amtrak Company Newsletter Sample 1

Amtrak Company Newsletter Sample 2

BNSF Company Newsletter Sample 1

BNSF Company Newsletter Sample 2

CSX Company Newsletter Sample 1

CSX Company Newsletter Sample 2

Articles, Book and CD Reviews, Opinion/Editorial Pieces

CD Review: “Day After Day (EP) by Kristian Stanfill

CD Review: “Stories” by Addison Road

CD Review: “Love & War” by BarlowGirl

CD Review: “Into the Light” by Phil Stacey

CD Review: “The Long Fall Back to Earth” by Jars of Clay

CD Review: “Back & Forth by Lanae’ Hale

CD Review: “Worth It” by Brian Free & Assurance

CD Review: “Let Your Love Out” by Luke Benward

CD Review: “Ordinary Dreamers” by Group 1 Crew

CD Review: “Innocence & Instinct” by Red

CD Review: “Resurrection Letters II” by Andrew Petersen

CD Review: “Ending Is Beginning” by Downhere

CD Review: “VOTA” by VOTA

CD Review: “The Tree” by Julianna Zobrist

CD Review: “Unbreakable” by Fireflight and “Never Going Back to OK” by The Afters

CD Review: “We Need Each Other” by Sanctus Real and “Opposite Way” by Leeland

Book Review: “Meet Mr. Smith”

Parenting Article: Fourteen Tips for Parents’ Communications with Teens and Tweens

Christian Artist Sara Groves Interview: Sara Groves’ Thoughts on Relationships

Parenting Article: How Parents Can Prevent and Stop Their Child’s Pornography Addiction

Career Article: Help Wanted — Finding Christian Career Opportunities

Parenting Article: Train Your Child Up in the Way They Should Go with a Biblical Lesson from Deuteronomy 6

Social Media Article: Internet Integrity – Keep Your Job and Relationships Safe with These Social Media Tips and Tricks

Christian Artist Darlene Zschech Interview: Darlene Zschech – Poised for Praise

As I said before, please check back often because I’ll post more links as more things get published. I’ll also begin reviewing all the extra CDs I get on this blog sometime in the future.


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