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Tug of War vs. War of Tug

My roommate often tells my dog that she cannot play tug of war with him when he wants to play with her. So, I often wonder why we call that game tug of war and not war of tug.

Cuz they are not really warring in my opinion. They are actually tugging. So I think I will call it war of tug from now on.

What do you think? Vote for what you think this game should be called.

Intro to Little Letters

The original reason I titled this blog Letters From Lindsay is because I got a kick out of writing short letters to things.  Sometimes they were letters to people, but most of the time they were letters to things a person wouldn’t normally write a letter to.

Take this for example:

Dear iTunes,

Why do you find it necessary to ask me every other day if I want to download a new version of you.  I don’t.  Stop asking.

Happy with the version I have,


See?  A little silly.  A little funny.  Anyhowaways, I’m going to start writing these little letters regularly.  I’ll create a category for them so you can find them easily.  Perhaps they will make you smile or laugh and brighten your day.