Treeple People

My name is Lindsay.  Lindsay means Linden Tree.  For the longest time, I hated the meaning of my name.  It wasn’t fun.  it wasn’t something neat and regal.  It was a tree.  What’s fun about a tree?  What’s majestic about a tree?

I thought nothing was. 

I was wrong.  Thanks to a friend of mine, I came to realize that my name had a truly prophetic significance.

Metaphorically, I’m a tree.  I’m a place where people can rest and relax.  I’m a good listener.  I have deep roots that are supplied with fresh, living water.  I am strong.  I am part of a network of other trees.  I am planted where I am to stay where I am.  I don’t uproot easily.  I’m not flippant.  I grow gradually and become wiser over time.

Now, before you think I’m getting all environmentalesque on you, let me get spiritual instead.

I am a Christ-follower.  I believe in God.  He is the source of my existence.  He is my everything. 

I am tree-ish because He intended me to be this way.  The traits of the tree that I described above are my character traits.  Now, that I’ve accepted and embraced my treeness, I am more who I am than I’ve ever been.

I’ve spent a good portion of my life denying who God created me to be.  I’ve frustrated His creation.  I’m not going to do that anymore.

I am going to be the tree that He created me to be.

What’s interesting about this, is that I’ll be a founding member in a church multiplication.  This “branch” of churches has a network.  It’s like a forest of churches set up surrounding and within Nashville.  One by one, we keep adding churches, thus strengthening our root system. 

I am a place of rest, strength and wisdom within this church network. 

God gave me a vision of myself as a tree.  He planted me within this network of churches.

My metaphorical name grew into a full grown testimony.


4 thoughts on “Treeple People”

  1. Wow…the comment link is at the top…weird.

    I like to rest, and being around you. Yay!

    Speaking of rest, I should do that.

    Always looking forward to walking with you,

  2. My Dad always said “Your name either your first blessing, or your first cursing given by your parents.” Looks like you found the blessing in it
    G.J. AKA Gregory- “the Watchman”

  3. Have I ever told you that trees are my favorite? I love mountains and rivers and flowers, but I really especially like trees. Lately I have actually been drawing them alot (they’re also what i can draw best).. one was on fire, too. I kinda like drawing trees as a visual metaphor of Christ.
    But yeah…this was cool reading. Woot.

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