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Vote for Zane on Pet Idol!!

Hey all!

My dog Zane is a finalist for Pet Idol in two categories.  Right now he’s up for Cutest Pet and Most Talented Pet.

Please read the instructions below and vote for him.  If he wins, my roommate and I win $500.  And Zane also wins a free, three-day stay at a pet resort.

Voting begins today Monday May 12 at 10 AM and runs through May 23 at 5 PM.  The winner will be determined by the pet that gets the highest number of votes.  You must be a Mix Listener Club member to vote.  You have to be a Mix Listener Club member to vote for Zane.  So, please sign up for that first.  The link to sign up is below.

So please tell your friends, family and co-workers to head on over to http://www.mix929.com to vote for the pet that gets our “Most Talented Pet Award”/”Cutest Pet Award” and $500 cash. People who are not yet Mix Listener Club members can sign up at http://www.mix929.com/els/elsSignupFrm.asp?newmember=1 and then cast their vote.

It’s kind of hard to find the exact place to vote, but once you create a username and password and login, you click the Trivia Contest link and then click Enter Again to vote for Zane (Choice #4) in the Cutest Pet category, click Enter Again and also on Zane Speaks (Choice #1) for the Most Talented Pet category.

Please vote and vote often!  There’s no limit to the number of times that you can vote.

If you need help or assistance, leave a comment here and I’ll help you out.

Thanks for your help!!!

Here’s a pic of Zane so you know what he looks like.  Vote for Zane!