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Weakly Wednesdays

I am often in a bad mood on Wednesdays. I may have blogged about this before. I can’t remember.

Every Wednesday evening I meet with a group of people from my church. We eat a meal together, talk about what was taught in church the Sunday before and then pray together. It’s Christian fellowship and hangout time. It’s fun. It’s encouraging. It’s nice to connect with people from my area.

However, every week I find myself in a foul mood on Wednesdays. I believe it’s because Satan’s trying to get me down and convince me not to go to the gathering. He wants me to stay home and be alone, sulking about my bad day, eating and watching TV.

Satan’s aim for me is to be a sedentary sulker.

God’s will for me is to be a connected Christian.

The greatest dream God has is that His people be unified. It makes perfect sense that Satan would do his best to prevent that from happening.

I’ve often heard it said that opposition from Satan is a good thing. It means I’m doing something right. With these weakly, weekly Wednesdays, I’m convinced that I’m doing God’s will by going to these gatherings. So I’ll persevere through the tiredness, irritability and laziness in pursuit of God’s purpose.


The Divorced Paper

I don’t recall our last paper conversation
I expect you’re the same
Melancholy, lost in yourself and a little down
It’s me that’s changed
Truth introduced itself and began courting me
We’re together now
I suppose you’re disappointed
Who will you complain to in your dreary dispositions?
Not me, I celebrate
Now that you know this you’ll move on
Slowly at first
Until you find someone new stuck in their old ways
You’ll seduce them subtly
They’ll believe they’ve found an outlet to freedom
Only to discover later they were captive
After being captivated by your drowning lust
As for me, I’ve taken to listening
Instead of expressing so much
It’s refreshing hearing someone else’s voice
Other than mine
I’m not alone now
Though I was when you were with me