Jobless in the City

I’ve recently found myself career challenged.

There are several down sides to not having a job. One of the biggest is having to sit at home and see commercials advertising colleges and law firms. If one watches those long enough, they could easily be convinced that they are worthless and uneducated.

However, here I am, already a college graduate (Suma cum Laude grad, mind you) and I have infinite worth in Christ.

I’m excited that the worst part of this is those silly commercials.

An update from the previous blog: God’s told me to get rooted and stay rooted here in Murfreesboro.  He’s told me to shut the door to working in Nashville.  So, though I had two promising job leads in Nashville, I  stopped pursuing employment with those two places.

On the way to Nashville on Friday to turn in my final paper work at my last job, God told me that i can’t trust Him halfway by keeping the two job opportunities in Nashville as back ups to not finding a job in Murfreesboro.  He said He wanted my full obedience, not just half of it.  As I write this, I’m reminded of something I learned in church.  God has no plan B.  God has no back up plan.  His plan is perfect and needs no back up.

God is a God of clarity, truth, direction and provision.

However, I am daily facing confusion, deception, aimlessness and need from the enemy.  I’m so glad that I know the character of God.  I’m investing lots of my time off in getting deeper into the Word and filling my mind with truth.


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