Makeshift module

It’s interesting talking to friends who I thought had it all together. Only to find out, that they are freaking out inside. I’ve come to appreciate honesty over togetherness. I’d rather know every detail of every insufficiency a person is feeling, instead of hear the news of, “Oh, everything’s great” all of the time.

Honestly, people, everthing isn’t always great. Even Jesus got a bit stressed out. He sweat blood, after all.

It’s ok to admit that we don’t always have a hold on life. Singer/songwriter Jill Phillips has a song called “Nobody’s Got It All Together.” Some of the lyrics are: “Don’t whitewash the truth about yourself cuz nobody’s got it all together.”

It’s true. No one person can handle everything perfectly. That’s why we need Jesus. That’s why we need community. When we talk to each other and unite to discuss/thrive in life, Satan gets a big punch in the face.

Satan fosters pride and a false sense of togetherness. He loves it when we think we can hold our own cuz he knows we’re about to fall. And when we fall in that mindset, he comes and attacks us.

When you go on an isolation trip, you’re gonna get pummeled by the devil.


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