I’m watching the Tennessee Titans play the New York Jets at LP Field in Nashville.

The Titans are 10-0 right now and are currently losing to the Jets. Maybe they’ll be 10-1 after this is over. Maybe they’ll be 11-0. It’d be nice to stay undefeated but I really don’t care that much if they lose or win. I just cheer for the Titans cuz I live in Nashville.

A few minutes ago, the Jets scored to make the score 20-3 in favor of the Jets. After catching the football, the touchdown-acquiring receiver ran out of the back of the end zone. Fans quickly started slapping his pads and patting him on the back in praise for what he’d done.

While watching that scene, something struck me. Fans clamor to touch famous people. Famous athletes. Famous actors. Famous musicians. Famous folks. We’ve all seen mobs of fanish individuals hound and surround the prey of their feverish attention and devotion. All of this energy and focus goes into just touching someone famous. Or talking to someone famous. Or trying to develop a relationship with someone famous.

I’m a people watcher so I notice this sort of thing a lot. And, since I live in Nashville, I’ve got ample opportunities to see the fans interact with the famous. It’s mesmerizing to watch a fan pour out all of their love for the famous in mere seconds. Because that’s all they have. Fifteen seconds to tell a football player he’s awesome before he runs away to the sidelines. Thirty seconds to declare unending devotion to a drummer in an autograph line before the security guard ushers in the next fan.

After a momentous (and I say momentous because it contains the word moment, implying a short amount of time) encounter with someone famous, a fan can be on a high for hours, days, weeks, months and even years. A moment becomes a lifelong memory. A moment that the famous person will probably not even remember will be forever inscribed on the mind of the fan.

Does all of this seem weird to you? Does it appear extreme? It should. That’s what I’m going for. I hope you felt awkward when reading about the fan/famous relationship.

I know this has been said before, but it’s weird and wrong and backwards to watch thousands of people scream praises to athletes/musicians/actors and accept that as normal. Human hero worship is not normal. It’s abnormal. it’s not the way it’s supposed to be.

We were created to worship God. The only (once) human we should worship is Jesus. It should feel and appear and look normal to worship God. Yet, to most, it doesn’t. Most people feel awkward worshiping God publicly. Most won’t scream praises as loud as they can to their Creator.

Even I feel that. I feel compelled to scream as loud as I can at a football game to try and spur on my team to victory. Yet, in church, when my pastor instructs me to show God my praise and thanksgiving for what He’s done in my life, something holds me back. Something constrains my total volume of gratitude toward God.

Maybe it’s the age-old unwritten rule that I’m supposed to be quietly reserved, respectful and reverent in church that stops me. *shrug* Probably.

Let’s put it in perspective. Jesus Christ enduring the crucifying cross as payment for my sin is way more praise-worthy than a Titan scoring a touchdown. WAY MORE. The touchdown doesn’t eternally matter. Jesus’ sacrifice does.

Back in the day (as in when Jesus was alive) people really did clamor just to touch the hem of His garment. They knew they’d be healed if they touched Him. I wonder if most of the world has forgotten that time in history. I know things would be different if people started remembering how powerful God’s healing is.

As my last blog said, there’s a huge Bible illiteracy epidemic. If more people read the Bible and worked to understand it, they’d remember how heralded Jesus was. If Christians weren’t so irrelevant and actually lived their lives in relevant reverence of God, then people would see that only God should be worshiped. Biblical Christians know that God has healing power and they walk in that healing power. They administer His healing power. They testify to His healing power. That’s life changing. That’s eternal.

The football game is now over.  The undefeated Titans just lost. Now thousands of fans are upset with them. Now they are held in less reverence.

God never loses. He never makes mistakes. His will and timing are perfect. The Father, Son and the Holy Spirit are the undefeated Team. Hold Them in reverence. Worship Them. Do everything you can to encounter Them.

Don’t set your sights and desires on the idols of this world. They will only disappoint you.

5 thoughts on “Idolness”

  1. I have a bad habit of only commenting with a blog post I disagree with. When I read something good I tend to agree silently and move on. I just want to take a sec and say Good job. I wish more Christians did read the Bible; that would give them less oppotunity to say and do the stupid things that make us all look bad. Keep up the good work.

  2. Welcome to slam dance of the broken world. Time to stand them up straight and push’em back. Football term?

    As a society we’ve fumbled the ball to the point we get a penalty flag at every turn. With God you don’t have penalty flags if you follow his rules and principals. When we give God the stiff arm he’s doesn’t back off. He want’s us to stay in stride with us and not push him away.

    I watched the first quarter and a half really hoping they would win but sort of knew by the way they were playing they were going to lose. I’d love to be the mascot…there one of the closest teams other than Pittsburgh but I guess I don’t plan on moving to go entertain the masses at the stadium because it probably pays almost nothing. Anyways, I could degrade into rambling which I’m really bad at so I’ll just impart some of the knowledge my pastor shared with us yesterday.

    “Don’t walk in the black mud, walk in the brown mud.” That makes you think a bit it also makes you thankful for modern facilities.

  3. One more thing…I got to praying and thinking about this. I agree almost totally on your blog so get don’t get me wrong when I add this little penny to the thought.

    Society is set up this way…flawed nonetheless. God wants your passions, desires, and fire to burn for him. Now, as my pastor would once again say, that won’t stop people who enjoy football from not going to a football game to root for there favorite team. Which directs me to “Newsboys”.

    “I am free to roam, I am free to dance, I am free to live for you, I am free!”

    Which is totally true. Distracted from God. Somewhat but always immersed in his presence is a awesome way to live my sister from another mister.

    God Bless.

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