Sow What?

First off, I mean sow in the sense of reap and sow and not sow in the sense of a pig.  Not the sow that rhymes with cow.

I’ve been faithfully sowing into God’s Kingdom via tithes and offerings to various things at various times.  However, I am still struggling financially to even pay for my own things.  I firmly believe that I need to give 10% of my firstfruits to the church.  And I do that.  I do it gladly and with joy.

However, I am living in a world that does not live by God’s principles.  I am living in a country that is receiving the brunt of God’s judgment because this nation has been disobedient, prideful and idolatrous.

I am living by the Kingdom economy, but the world economy still has an effect on me. 

So this is my way of expressing myself because America’s disobedience affects me personally.  I will still continue to sow into the Kingdom.  I know I am blessed and will be blessed for doing so.  I am faithfully waiting to reap the fruit of my sowing.


3 thoughts on “Sow What?”

  1. At times like these we Abraham to intercede for us like he did for Lot when God decided to judge Sodom and Gomorrah.

  2. Good job linds on being obedient to God in faithfully tithing even admist all this economic crisis that’s got people clinging to their wallets. May you experience God’s faithfullness in this area in return 🙂

  3. Bless you, girl. I’m glad to you hear you are still being faithful even when you can’t see the fruit. I pray that you will be blessed abundantly for your obedience. Thanks for your honesty, too.

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