Idol Dreams

here i recline
listening to unreleased music
not acquired for media purposes
but from the cause of service

i sit without employment
of the job kind
but with the engagement
of God

a relationship highly regarded by many
and bitterly criticized by others
but i’m content with it

i deal with distractions
of addition and subtraction
to the core of what’s enough

faced with an epic battle of wits and will
i choose desire of Him
not an idol pursuit of an empty, self-formulated dream


One thought on “Idol Dreams”

  1. Bwuaha…your comment made me laugh aloud.
    I think being a government person is the farthest thing from what I’d want or plan to be here. 😛
    It’s funny cause my Venezuelan flag color nail polish faded but my American flag colors..didn’t. Luckily I didn’t get boo’d or scorned for that or anything…..So no such luck on that ousting plan either. *snaps*

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