Kingdom Rain Released

This weekend my church recorded a live worship album.  Last week, I spent several of my nights in rehearsal in preparation for this event.  It was wonderful worshipping God nearly every night.  It was also interesting to watch myself gradually grow in my open worship to God as the rehearsals progressed.

I started with standing there with my hands in my pockets, showing almost no emotion.  It ended with me not being able to stand still.  Instead, I was dancing and raising my hands and openly worshipping God.  I just couldn’t contain my joy and gratitude for what He’s done.

It was wonderful!!!  We grow closer to God with each act of worship and service and effort to know Him.  I can truly attest to that.  It’s so fitting because this worship project is about growing deeper in intimacy with God.  And I have totally done that.  The lyrics to the songs that we’ve been singing have been living prophecy in my life.

I’m so thrilled to be a part of this project and I’m even more excited about hearing the CD and reading the companion book once they are done.

I love it how the songs resonate in my head even now.  I love music and there’s always an internal radio playing in my mind.  I’m stoked to add these songs into my mental radio rotation.

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