Since Fullness and Sinfulness

I was eating at Steak ‘n Shake yesterday evening before choir.  As I tried not to make it obvious that I was watching the family in the booth next to me, I noticed young boy in the family start to read the little Steak ‘n Shake hat.

“Sin…sinc…since 1934,” he read, carefully.

His lack of ability to pronounce that word rapidly, caused me to dwell on it.

My mind rested on the word sin.  Then, a few seconds later, it rested on the word since.

And, as refreshing as shaved ice on a summer day, God dropped a wonderful thought in my head.

He reminded me of two phrases:

Since fullness and sinfulness.

I began to ponder in which perspective I was living my life.  Am I living since fullness?  Am I thriving in the complete restoration that salvation in God provides; remembering how my life has improved since beginning to live in His fullness?


Am I just struggling to make it by, living in sinfulness?  Am I caught up in how difficult life is and feeling like I’ll never get over my sin patterns?

Fortunately for me, I’m living in the mindset of since fullness.  However, unfortunately, many of my friends are living in the other perspective.  All they can see is their shortcomings and failures.  They see huge problems and deep ruts that they’ve been stuck in for days, months, even years.

I challenge you, reader, whether you know Christ or not, to consider how you live your life.  Instead of thinking of things as the glass half full or half empty.  Think of it as where your strength comes from.  Are you living in the fullness of God or are you struggling in the sin of your flesh?

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One thought on “Since Fullness and Sinfulness”

  1. aand…again, a convicting blog. cue more introspectiveness haha. that’s a good thing, that you (through your blogs, etc) provoke

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