Junk Mailer Holiday

Here I sit in my skeleton-staffed office a few days before 2008 graces the calendar.  I’ve received very few emails this week because most everyone that would email me is out on their personal between-the-holidays holiday.   However, to save vacation time and to meet my month-end/month-beginning deadlines I am at work right now.

I must admit that I’m a little bored.  I’ve been overly productive in the last three days after Christmas because there is no one here to bother me with extra activities.  Every few hours I check my junk mail folder just to see what insane stuff the spammers are trying to sell me.

And, to my surprise, even the junk mailers are on holiday.  I’ve received a minimal amount of spam this week. 

It made me shrug and smile a little.  Spam seemed less evil to me because it brought the humanality back to that junky practice since the humans are out on holiday and aren’t around to junk up my inbox.

Too bad the junkers can’t be on holiday all the time.


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