The Wedding – #becominglange

The long-awaited day is finally upon us. We are getting married January 20, 2017.13707799_960275090728_2381131192268549185_n

Rather than create a page on the Knot, or some other wedding site, we decided to use the site one of us already pays for — this one. 🙂

The location of the wedding and the reception is here:
Havelock Social Hall
4538 N 62nd St
Lincoln, NE 68507-1265

We invite you to RSVP by filling out the following form. Once the form is completed, it will send us an email. Thank you for your prompt RSVP.

This page is a work in progress. But, for now, here are a few fun details about the happy couple.

He is an Army captain.
She is a Husker football fan.
He rehabilitates and manages properties.
She writes sales proposals.

We love watching Netflix, especially Parks & Rec and the Office (U.S. version).
We love eating popsicles on hot summer nights.

He loves Pokemon Go.
She loves singing.
He drives a Volkswagen.
She drives a Chevy.

We love the Lord.
We love our families and friends.

He loves cats.
She loves cats, but not as much.
He loves to swim.
She loves thinking of the perfect hashtag.

We are glad you visited our site.
We treasure you and look forward to seeing you at the wedding.

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