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Breaking All the Blogging Rules

I break the rules of blogging all the time.

I let this one go dormant. I promised to keep it active again after reinstating it. And then…dormancy. And then I pledged to activated it once more. And then I went dark again. I can tell you–as a person who knows how to do blogging the proper way–I do not do this blog the proper way.

I think I use all my creative energies writing for The Bug Man’s blog. No, that’s not a plug for my company’s website, but it is an honest referral to where I am now. All of my SEO thinking and content creating is over there. Congrats, bosses, you have the best of my creative mind. It’s ok, though. They are worthy to receive my creativity.

There are many things that I often want to say on this blog, I just don’t get around to it. Because of the late nights. Because it takes too much energy to spin my own brand. To spin me. To create a buzz about myself. It seems narcissistic. It seems like bad personal business.

Here’s something interesting: I have been writing more letters. I have my own personal embosser with a Letters from Lindsay seal. So, if nothing else, I’m at least writing letters from Lindsay. You just don’t see them. I’m sorry, internet.

Maybe I’ll return to you…some day.

p.s. And I didn’t even post a picture. Cardinal rules: broken! ūüėČ


Dear The Media

Dear The Media,

I honestly believe that you are quite responsible for the not so great economy.  When you repeatedly talk about how bad the economy appears to be, you give Satan entrance to make it worse.  I challenge you to speak positively.

Not listening to your negative spin on culture,


Intro to Little Letters

The original reason I titled this blog Letters From Lindsay is because I got a kick out of writing short letters to things.¬† Sometimes they were letters to people, but most of the time they were letters to things a person wouldn’t normally write a letter to.

Take this for example:

Dear iTunes,

Why do you find it necessary to ask me every other day if I want to download a new version of you.¬† I don’t.¬† Stop asking.

Happy with the version I have,


See?¬† A little silly.¬† A little funny.¬† Anyhowaways, I’m going to start writing these little letters regularly.¬† I’ll create a category for them so you can find them easily.¬† Perhaps they will make you smile or laugh and brighten your day.